Join, Create or Lead a Small Group

Belonging is the Core Need in each human being. Belonging is essential to a wholesome upbringing. When we are seen, heard, respected and accepted, we feel loved. We feel validated and therefore we belong. We want to matter and contribute. We want to be known through intimate relationships, and be recognized by loved ones and friends in the world around us. Being in a small group is a way of belonging, where you can give and also receive in a supportive coaching and healing network. It is a positive step for personal growth as well as making a contribution to the well-being of others.

JOIN A SMALL GROUP:  Joining a small local group is a fantastic opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with like-minded folks, who come together to enhance their healing path and self-care through the study of themed books or specific programs. Participants share their insights with others, get support and gain knowledge. Small groups are popular for creating the support network you need.

CREATE A SMALL GROUP:  In this age, many of us are called to be part of a movement to better ourselves.  Some people are seeking help and support, while others have wisdom and experience they want to share. Men and women from all walks of life and various circumstances come together and create communities devoted to fostering a culture of heart. To begin an effective small group you might consider hiring a local life coach or professional group leader. Create a safe and sacred time and place, where it is possible to uplift, inspire and transform lives.  Contact us for more information and browse our recommended reading page for book study suggestions.

LEAD A SMALL GROUP: If you feel called as a professional coach to lend a helping hand to those around you who are seeking a more peaceful loving lifestyle you can operate on donations or a set group fee.  Contact us for more information on exploring the Small Group ProtocolThrough the Generational Healing Small Group Curriculum, as taught in the Advanced Coach Training, you will get familiar with many ideas and methods for connection, support and coaching. Helpful guidelines enhance the small group experience and offer courage and support to move forward towards an emotionally healthy lifestyle.