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Outreach to families for healing: For many families the Family Healing Session is the long awaited lifeline of hope to reconnect and bring back home an estranged child. Moving from hopelessness and desperation to restoring the emotional health of the family is a dream come true. As parents and children learn at last to be open to trust and experience receiving real love in a genuine way, they create a safe and creative home-life. Recognizing each one's love language and needs, the family can offer each other the healing and comfort that is very much alive within them. As they release old pain and misunderstandings, learn new habits to accept love from each family member, they can discover 'we truly belong together, we are a family'.

Families don't always have the financial resources for this journey and our effort is to give partial scholarships when needed. We include webinars and Skype sessions to prepare individuals and families for such an experience, and we maintain healing education through aftercare by the same methods. 

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Community Outreach in 2017 through schools and private organizations: The goal of Generational Healing is to strengthen life skills and empower people through family and relationship skills. In the environment of ever growing stress for working parents who often have little quality time and are challenged with the constant influence of media and technology, we strive to provide communication skills focused on emotional health. The curriculum and presentations from our coaches introduce the efforts missing in most of our school curriculum, most specifically to reduce bullying and unwanted sexual advances on school campuses.

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Outreach through Coach Training: Generational Healing is currently offering advanced training to already existing coaches and counselors. We are seeking young men and women professionals to receive training in this unique transformational method of emotional healing, to advance the culture of heart and restore families. We seek to make this training affordable to anybody who has the calling, willing desire and commitment to help heal this world.

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