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  • where the Family is celebrated focused on intimacy, honesty and authentic relationships

  • where we address addiction and disorder in a child by coaching parents to heal unaddressed issues from the past and correct the family system

  • where we train Family Coaches to create fast breakthroughs and deeper understanding how to set love in order and help create emotionally healthy families

  • where we reach out to the public to encourage community building, connection and life long learning through small local groups which are led by skilled professionals

  • where we educate on personal growth and healthy family life through social media, webinars and experiential seminars


It all started in my living room as a young mother when friends were attracted to my listening ears and supportive comments. We all had pretty much the same complaints after some years of marriage and motherhood, feeling a little worn and a lack of love. Was it really up to our spouses to make us happy? We began to read books searching for answers.

Years later, I could see more clearly that we all had come with a bundle of issues to the altar and according to wisdom I found in books and seminars, marriage is a shortcut to wholeness if we take the position as healers for each other. Not only were our unresolved issues hurting our marriages, but also our children who responded like a mirror to our insecurities. That was a wake-up call and the beginning of a long journey. 

After more then twenty years as a family and relationship coach specializing in family healing sessions and building healthier parent-child relationships with strong family bonds I am expanding to a bigger mission.  Generational Healing is training Family Coaches to facilitate our unique Family Healing Sessions, and teaching other family skills through educational webinars, experiential seminars and small local groups as support for families.  

Our unique two-day Family Healing Session is one of the most advanced and effective breakthrough healing tools for resolving issues and creating more loving and intimate relationships within the family. The Family Healing Session has proven to transform countless families and testimonials can be found here.

Read more on coach training, small groups and webinars which teach innovative tools to kick start your journey to self-discovery and transformation.

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Hilde Wiemann, Founder and Master Coach

Generational Healing is a project of Loving4Life Learning Center Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to educating individuals on relationship life skills. 



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A coach who received training said: “The training by Hilde was incredible. I wish all coaches and therapists who work with parents and children would know about this. It changed my practice. I have a protocol, a model, I know what the goal is and what it takes to get there."

A parent shared about a Family Healing Session: "Our kids were so grateful for the chance to share honestly, and as parents we feel that the weekend of honesty and forgiveness was priceless. Thank you for coming to our home for a Family Healing Session, tailored just for us!”

A webinar participant wrote: “Listening into one of your webinars was the first ray of hope in our very dark and painful situation. We joined your eight-week parenting and communication course. We found other parents who also loved their children, and like us, found themselves confused and concerned, not knowing how to help their children move out of depression and addictions. After the first class, I slept all night without waking up crying. My husband and I started talking and stopped blaming one another. Thank you from my heart.”