RoseAnn Kennett

"My goal is to help parents and youth develop more meaningful lives and deeper connections. Through coaching, clients rediscover their inner wisdom, joy, balance, and allow this brilliance to guide their lives."


As a business owner and parent of 3 sons and a daughter, I understand how challenging it is to juggle childcare, household and work responsibilities and maintain one's sanity. 

Although I had spent many years as a social worker with youth and families, I found myself struggling to use the same tools I had taught other parents. This wake up call birthed my journey to create a healthier life and a happier family. I knew there had to be a better way. Although I was aware of child development processes and knowledgeable about various parenting skills, I needed to change on the inside in order to heal and turn around my family struggles. Among other tools, such as Health Realization and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), I found life coaching helped me become a better parent from the inside out. I found out that it is possible to combine effective parenting, a meaningful career, community involvement... AND maintain balance in your life!

My Background

I have been a Professional in the human development field for 20 years. My formal training includes social work, career development counseling, energy psychology, positive youth development, parent education, health realization and coaching. In addition, I have been trained as a professional life coach with advanced training in the Parent as Coach model. I recently completed my dissertation for a Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching. Currently in training with Hilde Wiemann to become a Generational Healing coach.

My early years in social work were the most heart wrenching. A senior in college, my first social work internship was in Child Protective Services just outside Philadelphia, PA. I don't think I had a full night's sleep that entire year, worrying about the children on my caseload that were living in neglectful or abusive situations. When I found myself becoming judgmental towards the neglectful parents, my supervisor would pull out files showing that the parents and sometimes even the parents' parents had been abused children in the same system. I was horrified by the stories of abuse, and scrambled to find resources and solutions for the kids and their parents. I worked weekends and even involved my friends in creative projects to serve these families. But I knew our efforts were only band-aids on the gaping wounds in these families.

In the following years I worked in a variety of social services - a residential community for emotionally disturbed children in Northern Ireland (based on the curriculum and philosophy of the Waldorf Schools in the US), a school for untouchable children in India, and case managed at-risk youth in the USA. I also worked with youth who wanted to make a difference, coordinating service projects with international high school and college students in small villages around Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Here in Oregon, I have collaborated with others to develop many positive youth development programs. After my coach training I began designing youth programs and parent education programs using powerful life coaching tools. Most recently I founded the Service for Peace Oregon chapter, and with my very good friend and colleague Vicky Martin, implemented the Teen as Coach approach with over 75 high school students who mentor approximately 100 younger youth. See the Teen page for more on these programs.

Through personal experience and my work, I have learned that creating healthy balanced families and children begins with healthy balanced parents. Through a variety of trainings, I have learned and applied tools to balance all areas of my life. I have found that limiting beliefs were trapping me in a parenting style that did not really fit me, nor was it effective, let alone bring joy to me or my family. Years of living in stress took its toll, but I am grateful to say that my family survived and is now thriving. Having gone through those intensely stressful periods as a parent without a roadmap, I have become passionate about helping frazzled parents create balance in their lives and find joy and inspiration once again. Using a blend of social work, wellness counseling, coaching skills, energy psychology and practical spiritual tools, I help stressed out parents rediscover and re-imagine their perfect life, career and parenting style.

My Coaching Philosophy

I believe each individual has the wisdom, innate mental health and brilliance within to create the life of their dreams. I believe that all human beings have the potential to transform themselves to live radiant fulfilled lives and raise their children with joy, compassion and meaning.

My coaching philosophy is that clients are naturally creative and resourceful and my job is to provide tools and support to draw out their resourcefulness and creativity. You have all you need inside you to be a great parent. My job is to work with you to untap those resources.

Parenting is the toughest most challenging job that exists. It also has the potential to be the most fulfilling as we raise children who are and/or will make a difference in the world. I truly believe that compassionate parenting may be the most significant contribution to world peace.


Rose Ann is an incredible coach!  I think one of the most important parts of having a coach is feeling heard.
I always felt as if Rose Ann was truly listening to me; I left our sessions feeling truly heard, acknowledged and validated.  She gave me this gift each time we met. Rose Ann had the ability to cut through a lot of information and get to the heart of what was going on for me.  She provided me with a safe mirror where I could see myself and deal with whatever I needed to in that moment.  Just by providing a completely safe and accepting space, RoseAnn allowed me to work through some difficult issues.
Rose Ann also provided me with some unique "tools" that I have used not only with myself, but have passed along to others (sometimes unknowingly!).  She also helped me create "action steps" that were easy to remember and very useful.  She appears to be able to create programs that are tailor made to each client.
All in all, I cannot say enough about Rose Ann's coaching ability.  She coaches from her heart and spirit.  What she was able to give me is a gift that literally brings me to tears." 
Vicky Martin, Elementary School Counselor

After four months of coaching with Rose Ann Kennett I can say that my relationship with my 17 year old son is better than I ever thought it could be! When I met Rose Ann I felt an immediate connection with her as I talked about the challenges my son and I faced after having ended my marriage and moved into a home of our own.

Rose Ann and I have coached together for four months now and I can say without a doubt, that the coaching has made a dramatic difference in the quality of communication and time my son and I share. Rose Ann possesses confidence, a smile in her voice, warmth, encouragement, inspiration, lots of resources, and a focused way of being as a coach.

I believe you will be delighted just as I am to have her coach you.
Kym Cumbo (Parent of 4)

I have known Rose Ann Kennett for approximately 18 years. I first met Rose Ann when I was teaching parenting classes at the Young Parent Opportunity Program (YPOP) at Clackamas Community College. Three years ago, I had the opportunity to once again hire Rose Ann for the PACE Teen Parent Program, North Clackamas School District to start an online for credit program for our parenting teens. Throughout both experiences, I have found Rose Ann to be solid in her understanding of adolescent development. She is firm and yet very fair, she holds students to high expectations, but has a relaxed way in working with them. Working with teen parents can be stressful at times. Under all kinds of situations, I have observed Rose Ann to be calm and a clear thinker when a potentially volatile situation is present. Rose Ann works well with this population, students like her "style". Rose Ann is also a "team player". She gives 100% to the team she is working with, her communication skills are superior, and she has the ability to see ahead and create a "vision" for many of the programs she has worked with.
Patricia Rust, Former Coordinator, PACE Program

Rarely is seen a person so devoted to service to others as is Rose Ann. For almost a year I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Rose Ann, and during that time have seen several immediate results from utilizing the Geotran tools. When life seems confusing, or difficult, Rose Ann's perspective is a kind and heart-full breath of hope! I am happy to recommend her services.

Cora Willis, Social Worker

Rose Ann has an engaging way of drawing one out that has helped me numerous times in our work together. I especially appreciate her colaborative spirit, it never felt like she was trying to "fix" me only to help me bring to consciousness the conclusions and focus that I already had within me.

She has a knack for showing people their path.
Bob Maddox, Multimedia Illustrator