John Williams, LMHC

Pornography & Sexual Addiction Recovery Coach    

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The internet has brought a flood of sexual temptations that no generation has ever faced before. Many men are drowning in it, getting involved in activities that sabotage their freedom, sanity and their marriages.

I help free men from pornography and sex-related addictions and the habit of infidelity, coaching them to establish their sexual integrity, self-control and self respect. Men find themselves opening up for the first time, becoming self aware and growing personally and in their relationship in ways they never have before.

As a licensed mental health counselor, I can also help them with trauma, depression and anxiety that may be aggravating the unwanted behaviors.

At the same time, I guide the men to heal their marriages and restore trust and closeness, often better than it ever was. I have a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and decades of couples coaching as my foundation.

Healing attachment wounds is the essence of the solution for unwanted sex habits. My training in the Comprehensive Resource Model of trauma healing provides the framework for resolving these old wounds, and I use other complementary techniques.

In addition, the teaching and practice of Real Love, is the backbone of my work helping men relearn what true love and intimacy really mean.

I meet with clients nationwide through video call sessions. Convenient, private and encrypted for security. We can in person in New York City and northern New Jersey.


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