Debra Wilkins


Debra Wilkins is a certified Energy Practitioner, Coach, and Spiritual Medium. After many years of studying multiple healing modalities, she has found what is most effective for transmuting the immobilizing and painful effects of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical trauma. Debra is a Certified Emotion Code and Certified Body Code Practitioner, as well as a certified Self-Referencing IITM Practitioner. These are all forms of energy healing, a way to identify, clear and transmute trapped and discordant energies from our bodies and energy field. Most of these are caused by intense emotional and physical events which one is not able, for multiple reasons, to process at the time. In addition, we inherit many forms of energetic imbalance from our ancestors. These trapped energies and the memories that hold them in place disrupt the natural flow of our energy meridians, and can cause disease, as well as physical, mental and emotional pain. Her work will not only clear and balance the individual client she is working with, but will also clear the ancestral lineage. She is also a certified Life Force Energy Healer and Spiritual Coach, through the Deborah King Center, and has studied mediumship and spiritual healing for over thirty years. “Healing is my calling and I love doing this work.”

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