Online Course 2019 in THREE Sections

Following the Safe Conversations session, we offer continuous studies for those interested in training as a coach. Sessions two through five are designed to give you the tools and skills needed to help heal yourself and others.

The Healing Journey


What are we healing from and how do we heal? The main components for healing are insight (intellect) and experience (emotion, heart) which motivates the desire (will) to change and grow. These three parts of ourselves work hand and hand. First, we gain an increased understanding into why we behave the way we do. Next, we make a choice to open ourselves to receive and experience the unconditional love and acceptance we did not receive as children. "Love" is no longer a mysterious, scary or foreign "thing" as we tread gently on the path toward wholeness and well-being. We begin to crave the experience of integrating the sometimes unexplored or stifled parts of ourselves and move forward with hope and a longing for change and growth.

Sometimes the order in the healing journey is reversed or the awakening occurs simultaneously in the heart, the intellect and the will. Either way, it is CTP’s intent to create the educational and experiential environment to facilitate this process by providing nurturing heavenly elements. You will then have the confidence and expertise to pass it on to your family, friends and clients.

Coaching vs Therapy

A coach is not a therapist, however, the two disciplines overlap in their approaches and have similarities. Please refer to this article for a comprehensive overview of the topic.



Part One: Safe Conversations - Not required in order to participate in Part Two

(taught in January- March, if you like to purchase recordings please contact the office at

Part Two: Tools and Exercises Used in Preparation for FHS

(Starting May 4th, 2019- Sessions twice a month through July)

1.   Why do I need to know more about my family history?

We have inherited both good and not so good tendencies from the generations that came before us. These tendencies often create patterns in our lives that we are unaware of. Some serve us well, while others sabotage our path to health, love and success of different kinds. To prepare for this class, participants will be asked to answer a family history questionnaire which will give them enough background knowledge to draw their own genogram and identify unresolved ancestral issues. Exercises will be given as homework to be completed with another classmates in order to reach deeper understanding.

We will teach simple methods for self-healing in all sessions in this course. Methods like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), The Walking Cure, The One Minute Solution, meditation/ hypnosis combined with memory healing, journaling and more.

2.   Shifting from Surviving into Thriving

Our built-in survival mechanism may be helpful in a moment of danger, but does not serve us well if we are unaware of the coping mechanisms we create and become stuck in. During this course, participants will gain deeper insight into the idea of “living with masks” and the effects of unresolved issues on disfunction in our life or within our family system. We will discover more about the effects of trauma and how to discern if methods for self-healing can be used to resolve it or professional help is needed.

3.   Why do children need to understand their parents’ childhood story?


It is important for children to understand their parents’ life story in order to help them shift from resentment and criticism to compassion and forgiveness. Each participant will write a short version of their own life story, share it with a spouse, friend or class mate outside of the class. This exercise will gives us a better understanding of the burdens and unresolved issues we bring to our marriages and parenting. Our children inherit our unresolved issues just as we have inherited things from our parents, grandparents and ancestors. Understanding our life story and the wounds that have been inflicted upon us will shed light on our past and help shift anger and other negative emotions on to a path of forgiveness and love.

4. and 5.   Four Parenting Styles and Family Culture

Every parent is “overlooking moments” which could have moved their child into higher self-esteem and greater self-confidence. I am moving away from the idea that parents make mistakes, because it only stimulates more guilt and is of no use. All parents try their best, always! Therefore, let’s start the journey of forgiveness by identifying the belief systems that were imprinted on us from our family of origin before we try to stimulate change within our new family.

We will study the Four Parenting Styles and the different effects they have on the introverted and extraverted child, birth order influence, as well as family culture on roots, relationships, rules, routines, rituals and traditions, religiosity and revenue (how the family dealt with money).

6. Action Steps for a Personal Healing Journey and new Life and Love Skills

Based on discoveries made throughout this course, participants will learn to ask questions like: “What beliefs do I live with at the present time? What do I want to leave behind? What do I want to take with me? What do I want to change?

Participants will create a routine for healthy habits as well as discover new life giving action steps to create the life they want. For change to occur, participants must create new traditions with themselves, their families and the environment. It is suggested to choose an accountability partner, mentor or wise men and women to help continue these habits. Other suggestions include choosing new books to read, seminars to attend or adjusting things in relationships, spiritual life/ life of faith, living environment, career, finances and recreational activities.


90 min. sessions every other week (2x/month) for three months, then summer break or in-person seminars for those who take the Master Family Coach Courses.

Sessions: May 4th and 18th, June 1st, 15th, 29th and July 13th

Cost: monthly fee of $100 Scholarships available, please email for details. 

GH is conducting a pilot coach training program from 2017-2019 and offering a discounted price. Many of you have already benefited from this.

For the next phase, we have set a monthly fee for $100, payable monthly. If a scholarship is needed please write to our office at The cost should not stop you from taking this next step in your life.

Each part builds upon the other, so we encourage you to do the entire 10-month course. If for any reason you cannot participate in person, the recording and all materials will be provided. It is your choice after each section to decide if you will continue to the next part of the training. There is no obligation.


Part Three and Four: In-Person Seminars on the East and West Coast

(Dates will be set from July to October in different time zones to make it easier and affordable for participants to attend.)

Each person who wants to facilitate a FHS is required to attend two in-person trainings and get supervision doing their first few FHS.

Part Three: Deep Emotional Processing Tools Used During a FHS

We will learn tools which help us let go of blocks/ limitations from the past and create profound energetic and behavioral breakthroughs.

Three day in-person seminar. Cost: $699 (partial scholarships are available)

Part Four: Demonstration of a Family Healing Session

Participants will be asked to role play in order to learn the protocol of a Family Healing Session and practice the tools learned in Part Three.

Special Opportunity for some: Join Hilde in a FHS

This is an opportunity to join Hilde in a two-day FHS. For every new client, Hilde will give an opportunity to one of the coach graduates to co-facilitate with her. This process begins with the on-line Preparation of a family and continues through Aftercare.

Three day in-person seminar. Cost: $699 (partial scholarships available)


Part Five: FHS After-Care Program (September and October)

1. Inner Child work

2. Life Design

3. Parent/Adult Child Communication Skills

Please invite friends who are interested in personal growth or in exploring the possibility of becoming certified as a coach.