Chad Elbert

Certified Life and Executive Coach

Specialty : Individual Life Coaching and Executive/Leadership Development Coaching 


A little about myself:

I am a moderately successful middle management American man with a family, a stable career, and a thirst for more. In 2010 I made to scary decision after 18 years of being in the workforce to go back to college and pursue a Masters in Management Degree in the evenings. This one brave decision to step out of my comfort zone has led to a continued thirst for knowledge and now a thirst for inspiring, motivating, teaching others to reach for what they really want in life. Since completing the MiM degree in 2014, I’ve complete a year long Advanced Leadership Program from Sustainable Leadership Consultants, 2016. In 2017 I completed Discovery, Breakthrough and the VIP Emotional Intelligence programs from Next Level Trainings in Columbus, OH.

It is my belief that taking one’s self on and working toward true self-awareness is how we grow to where we can see each other for who we are, willing to take risks and celebrate failure and able to create win-win situations where we love more than hate.

Contact: email or, Phone: 541-281-6783