Where to begin: Steps for Your Healing Journey


The following are suggested options offered by Generational Healing for starting your transformation:

1.  Browse our website for services and resources.

2.  Sign up for our online news, life skill tips, inspirational articles, quotes, resources, book reviews, and upcoming programs to help you stay on course.

3.  Start reading related topics as suggested under "Recommended Reading."

4.  Jump into our Webinars. The Webinars promoted by Generational Healing are profoundly insightful and life-changing in content. Bring your notebook to catch unexpected take-aways that you can use immediately to begin transforming your life and even your world.

5.  Read the Real Love book by Dr. Greg Baer.  Create your support team of “Wise Men and Women.”  The name “Wise Men and Women” was created by Dr. Greg Baer for his Real Love program. We all need people in our lives who can give unconditional love. This can be an elder, a co-worker, a best friend, a relative, a therapist, etc. Building this support team is the self-care that is essential when we are in the process of healing and correcting old habits or learning new skills. At Generational Healing we teach how to create this support in your life naturally.

6.  Find a personal Life Coach through our network. Ask us for a recommendation if you need help finding a Life Coach in your area. We have trained coaches who are able to assist by phone or Skype sessions. We also provide a recommended checklist to find/interview a local professional to best serve your needs.  Contact us for more information!

7.  Attend experiential seminars and weekend retreats. Our experience is that those who participate in experiential retreats can speed up the process of personal healing. For instance, parents can explore intimately the wounding issue of a child or another loved one through the loving, embracing format of the seminar.   Contact us for more information!

8. Request a Family Healing Session (FHS). Every FHS is facilitated by a certified professional from Generational Healing. The Family Healing Session (FHS) is one of the most advanced and effective therapeutic tools available in family counseling. The FHS helps generate greater intimacy and loving relationships within the family, within the course of a few days. It is especially helpful to remove barriers that prevent healthy connection and communication between parents and children. It also supports the resolution of longstanding conflicts in the family.

9. Enhance your work environment. Ever need a hug at work? Want to help your co-worker with a compassionate smile or touch? Many forward-thinking employers are realizing that by strengthening empathetic skills at the office can create a more productive business model. Generational Healing offers such a service to employees through practical interactive presentations. For more information please contact us.

10. Join a Small Group.