Mother’s Group: Importance of Inner Child Work

Two Wednesdays a month at 8 pm EST


This course is designed to be a support system for mothers at all stages of life. Learn the skills needed to take an honest look inside and determine what unresolved issues you are dealing with and how you can bring more peace, love and patience into your life. Hilde Wiemann has many years of experience with counseling families and individuals. She will facilitate meaningful discussions and help you to open up and share with a supportive and warm group of women.

Dates: Wednesday October 24th, November 7th at 8 pm EST

Cost: $40 a session

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Personal and Family Success Series

New and Exciting Topic Each Month

The Personal and Family Success Series is offered by founder Hilde Wiemann, who is dedicated to personal growth and healthy family life education. She offers a variety of courses all year long which will focus on increasing self-awareness, leading to intimacy, honesty and authenticity in relationships.

These courses dive deeper into the personal issues blocking us from living a fulfilling and joyful life and offer new skills to unleash hidden potential. Former clients will share their personal testimonies to encourage you on your journey. Trained coaches will be present to co-facilitate and offer support. These courses only require a short time commitment and give you a taste for coaching, insightful material and opportunities to move forward in small intimate groups.

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Our series consists of the following topics, each presented via webinar for 3 consecutive weeks:

-        Knowing Yourself

-        Real Love, Real Love in Dating, Marriage, and Parenting

-        Communication Skills and Imago’s Safe Conversation

-        Life Design and Goal Setting

-        Family Harmony Through Time, Touch, and Talk

-        Self Care and Self-Awareness 

-        Transforming Negative Patterns