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Real Love:Finding and Being the Perfect Partner

DATE CHANGE: July 28th NOW July 31st 8 PM EST

This is an introduction and overview to content from Dr. Greg Baer's book Real Love in Dating, taught by his son Jonathan Baer and by Hilde Wiemann. The material will be adjusted to fit our community’s matching and blessing process.  

For building successful and meaningful relationships, we need more than just a great vision. To create the loving and richly rewarding relationship we all want, we need to become the perfect partner. 

Real Love:4-Week Webinar Series

August: Dates- To Be Determined

              Cost: Individual $40                 Couple or Family:$60

This 4 week webinar series will allow you to dive deep into the work of Dr. Greg Baer's book Real Love in Dating. You will receive great benefits from learning about Real Love. It’s a MUST for parents who are trying to match their child, for young adults who are in the matching process, newly wed couples, and people anywhere in between. This program will better prepare you for such an important part of your life journey.