September 21, October 5 & 19, November 2 at 11 am EST


In this group study session, participants receive written material before class, which are then elaborated on in a presentation accompanied by a short  power point.  Most of the 90-minutes will be used for live-coaching samples, Q&A and small online zoom breakout groups  to practice exercises and make new connections with other participants. Coming away from this course, you will have gained deep personal insight into your ancestral inheritance, as well as insights on how to indemnify and heal unresolved issues for yourself, your family and beyond.

Cost: $100 a month for two 90-min sessions. Scholarships available, please email for details. 

Sessions will be recorded and sent to participants for review.

Details on our program:

1. We will study personality types and archetypes, and learn how these influence the lives we create.

2. We will learn skills to comfort and re-parent our inner child by understanding and stimulating a relationship between the Higher Self, Inner Parent and Inner Child.

3. We will learn about Triggers, the Shadow and Sunny Selves, and how they run our life.

4. We will learn how to change the language we use to convey our experiences in order to achieve a vibrational shift.

5. We will learn how to work with the "Wheel of Life" and create a balanced action plan for living.