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Introduction and Overview

In recent years, Hilde has had the occasion to work with Dr. Greg Baer, the author of the REAL LOVE education series. As a Real Love Coach, she has enjoyed continuing communication with him, and most recently with his son Jonathan Baer.  For over 20 years, Jonathan Baer has been sharing the Real Love message and helping people bring unconditional love into their life. He is one of the few Certified Real Love Coaching Trainers in the country, and has worked with people all over the world.  He hosts conference calls, facilitates Real Love groups and teaches workshops; but his passion is to coach. Hilde has invited Jonathan Baer to co-teach a Real Love Roundtable with her in the past, this time, they will teach Real Love in Dating together.  The two FREE webinars with Power Point Presentations will give you an overview of the content of the book: Real Love in Dating by Dr. Greg Baer.


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Real Love: Finding and Being the Perfect Partner

"This Real Love stuff is amazing. I wish I'd known about it years ago.”

You will receive great benefits from learning about Real Love. It’s a MUST for parents who are trying to match their child, for young adults who are in the matching process, newly wed couples, and people anywhere in between. This program will better prepare you for such an important part of your life journey.

For building successful and meaningful relationships, we need more than just a great vision. To create the loving and richly rewarding relationship we all want, we need to become the perfect partner. The two free webinars with Power Point Presentations will give you an overview of the content of the book Real Love in Dating by Dr. Greg Baer.   The material will be adjusted to fit our community’s matching and blessing process.

In Real Love in Dating you'll learn:

·       What we all need before we can be genuinely happy—Real Love, unconditional love

·       Substitutes for Real Love, and how that Imitation Love destroys relationships

·       How we behave when we don't feel loved unconditionally, and how those "Getting and Protecting Behaviors" make us miserable and tear our relationships apart

·       How to build a great relationship and keep your perfect partner