Poppy Richie

Original Mind Coaching: Founder and Coach



Mission statement: We are all meant to live extraordinary lives in spite of hardships we may face. I coach my clients to discover their unique character strengths so they can experience and practice a more sustained, meaningful happiness, and ultimately, flourish. They will gain the understanding, tools, and boost needed to manage and learn from difficult situations and relationships, transition times, and thus increase their overall quality of life.

What is Original Mind Coaching?

OMC is based on the assumption that each person has an inherent and unique set of character strengths that can be identified and developed with practice. The role of the coach is to lead the client through steps that will facilitate this self-recognition and practices that are especially useful during challenging times. I am a certified coach through San Francisco State’s Core Strengths Coaching certification program.


Here is the process that I use for my clients:

1. The coach conducts an intake to evaluate the client’s goals for coaching, identifying the client’s greatest priority - where to begin the work of self-discovery and healing. Do they need help in resolving relationship issues, personal struggles, dealing with health problems?

2. The client does an online self-assessment to identify her core strengths and discusses the results with the coach, who interprets the results. The client now has the knowledge and understanding of her unique core strengths.

3. The coach guides the client into practices for using these core strengths to meet the challenges in the areas – job, relationships, personal dissatisfaction - that inspired him to hire a coach.

4. The coach adds more tools with the goal of discovering the best strategies that match the client’s personality and needs. The client is encouraged to practice the strategies to handle worry, bad habits, difficulties in relationships, and so on.

5. The client and coach discuss the client’s progress in practicing these strategies and a self-maintenance plan is created.

Positive Psychology and Spirituality

I was trained in Core Strengths coaching which is based on concepts from Positive Psychology, which focuses on human behavior, the mind and the emotions - but that’s just the beginning. Practitioners in the field of Positive Psychology will coach clients who are on a spiritual path to use spiritual practices and faith in God as strategies for greater happiness. All major religions recognize that human beings have a divine potential, a basic nature of goodness that we all strive to realize. It is my goal, as a Core Strengths Coach, using Coactive coaching methods and other means, to help clients develop this divine essence, or original nature. What does it mean to be a child of God in a practical sense? We need to identify what is our specific God-given personality and this knowledge will help us to minimize our shadow self and maximize our divine core strengths.