The Hilltop Retreat

Hilltop country home situated on four acres with picturesque views. Built in 1850, our renovated home has a relaxed beauty with solid oak floors and large country kitchen. Easily accessible to downtown, while preserving its country charm and tranquility.



As you can tell from the maps, we are very close to routes 40, 81 and 70.  No matter which direction you come from, you will end up at the traffic circle (Cearfoss round-about) in Cearfoss. From there, take Rt 58 W (Cearfoss Pike) for 0.3 miles.  On the left hand side of the road you will pass first Nicewonder Road, then an open field, and a brick house and a 600 ft. driveway next to it, across from a row of mailboxes on your right.  Turn onto the driveway and continue all the way up to the top of the hill. If you can't find the entrance to the driveway call us at 301-437-3284 John, 301-537-2848 Hilde.