Hilde Wiemann


Hilde Wiemann is a graduate of CoachU University and is certified by the International Coaching Federation. She is trained as a Family and Relationship Coach by the Relationship Coaching Institute and is also a certified Real Love Coach through Dr. Greg Baer’s Real Love series program. She received her in-depth experiential family life skills training, working side-by-side with a psychotherapist for the first ten years of her career. Her practice includes addressing unwanted  emotional patterns, as well as techniques to enhance authentic  relationships. 

Her unique Family Healing Session (FHS) protocol has successfully helped families to improve and heal challenging relationships and achieve intimacy they never knew was possible. The FHS reveals her gift as a non-threatening catalyst to facilitate intimacy and authentic family communication. Hilde offers webinars on inter-generational loving, providing profound insights and practical tools to aid in the process of family healing and reconciliation. She has traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia to conduct seminars and Family Healing Sessions. Her passion is to multiply her work by training other coaches and professional therapists as Family and Relationship Coaches.

Hilde's new clients get extra support from a professional in training. A coach or therapist from her team will be assigned to you or your family to participate in the online sessions for preparation, after-care and the Family Healing Session itself. During training there is no extra cost to you. You also have a choice of finding a local coach or therapist in your area and involve them in this process. The benefit of that is that this professional can support your family in person as you are learning family meetings, communication skills and other processes.

Contact: +1 (301) 537-2848 or hilde@generationalhealing.org