A Family Healing Session (FHS) is one of the most advanced and effective tools now available in family coaching.

The emphasis is on facilitating authentic family communication and greater intimacy by identifying misunderstandings and challenging issues, such as long-standing negative feelings, detachment, addictions, and childhood wounding.

The Family Healing Sessions have proven successful in creating more harmonious and loving relationships. This method jump-starts the process of healing relationships and bringing all family members closer. 

Professionals in training will be an extra support for all new clients. A coach or therapist will be assigned to you or your family to participate in the online sessions for preparation, after-care and the Family Healing Session itself.

The restoration of the family

In the heart of suffering family members there is always the same feeling or experience – that of not belonging. This emotional pain is the root of addictions and disorders. The child feels pain and finds fault in oneself. The guilt of not being enough or the shame of doing something wrong creates separation in the parent-child relationship. If this detachment goes unaddressed, the wounded child feels more and more isolated. For healing to occur, the child needs to be accepted and embraced as is--wounds, symptoms and all-- and nurtured back into the family circle. 

Resolving conflicts through parent-child bonding

Children need to feel the power of being loved and they need to experience the power of loving and forgiving others. It is healthy for all family members to “move out of the head” (away from concepts and requirements) into “relating from the heart” (seeing and hearing one another) and learn to communicate in a genuine and supportive manner, restoring the emotional health of the family.

By choosing to take part in a Family Healing Session, parents can save themselves a lot of time, money, heartache, and needless suffering. The combination of expertise, environment, experience and affordability offered by Generational Healing is unique.

Through a phone consultation/assessment, Hilde helps the parents to decide if the time is right for a Family Healing Session. Parents are first coached by phone or Skype. Through her many years of experience, Hilde is skilled at recognizing what is the correct advice and guidelines for parents to achieve the best results quickly. Family Healing Sessions can be arranged at Hilltop Retreat, located in the countryside of western Maryland, or in the comfort of the family home.


As a family coach, I have received many phone calls where one of the parents expressed: ‘Our family is so happy, except one of our children is burdened and nobody can relax and enjoy each other anymore.’ In these cases, the family bonds are challenged and the family members are at their wit’s end. Of course, most parents cling to the idea that the child could be saved through therapy if he or she would just agree to participate. They do not realize that it is not only an isolated problem with one child but a symptom of unresolved issues within the whole family and even generations. At that point, the parents do not know that their own healing journey is about to start and that in reality, the healing of a child begins with the healing of the parents.

A parent: 
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping us with letters to our children to invite them to participate in a Family Healing Session. I could have never written the letters without your input. Your knowledge and intuition as well as your heart and experience are so profound, YOU ARE TERRIFIC!"

Identifying sources of disconnection

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Through Generational Healing the difficult realities of a young person's daily life are recognized. We can help understand the stress of demanding study, hurtful peer relationships, bullying, loneliness, rejection, not fitting in, sexual identity issues, low self-esteem, addictions, and other disorders. To resolve the downward spiraling and its impact on the family, we offer a personal visit to the family home and spend an intensive two days engaging every member in a loving and sacred Family Healing Session. 

The purpose of the Family Healing Session is to connect the wounded family member to his or her parents and siblings, receive the love needed, and gain new life skills to create the foundation for genuine and improved behavioral patterns. As the parents and child reattach during this process, the child feels safe and secure and experiences the magnificent and magical realization: "I really do belong!"

Through the Family Healing Session the parents and children together safely uncover their pent up emotions and wounds. As a result of this process, they experience a wonderful bonding and re-attachment, learn new family life skills for communication and loving support, and totally transform their family lifestyle.

A parent:
“I cannot thank you enough for teaching our family how to share on a deeper level with each other. We had a breakthrough in intimacy with our children and overcame many barriers. Now we have skills, hope and joy again.”

How is the family healing session different from other treatments?

A parent: 

"Hilde’s concept is: 'Simplify, simplify, simplify.' Her goal is to make parenting easier and more joyful. We had gotten frustrated with 50-minute family counseling sessions, all of us having to sign contracts, and with negotiations that failed to make either side happy or to address the cause of the issue(s).

"Our Family Healing Session with Hilde has achieved more change in the dynamic of our family relationships within a few days than the traditional talk therapy and counseling sessions we have done in months. It was a start, but did not solve our problem completely and we needed additional techniques. We are grateful and thrilled, we finally have a plan, skills, support and are getting better by the day in loving each other."


Hilde Weimann, founder of Generational Healing, is gifted at creating a safe environment in which family members can quickly express hurt or identify unmet needs. This opening up allows the natural bonds of authenticity and intimacy to form. When all family members can relax and feel that they are being seen, heard and understood, they want to share honestly and are able to feel greater acceptance for each other. This results in emotional freedom and growth.

Participants begin to understand the causes that have contributed to the disorder or the detachment in the family. Then a treatment or action plan that is tailored to address the family’s personal needs is created. Exercises, homework assignments and healing activities are suggested to help the family achieve optimum bonding and restore attachment among all its members.



What will you receive?

  • Family Healing Session: Two-day intensive

  • Personal Treatment Plan: To guide each parent on continuing and developing the parent-child bonding

  • Family Treatment Plan: Personally designed aftercare program and ongoing support

What can you expect?

  • Each family member learns the skills needed to replace the fear of expressing oneself with the ability to share honestly

  • Conflict resolution through parent-child bonding: Remove barriers between family members and learn forgiveness

  • Understanding the emotional logic of long-term conflicts and hurts

  • Secure bonding and attachment: Correction of power roles in the family and family system

  • Learning why and how to replace Imitation Love with Real Love

  • Natural transition from dysfunction and isolation to a healthy belonging to each other

  • Increased desire to be together

  • Emotional authenticity: Greater intimacy with and love for each member

A parent:
"Thank you for your graciousness towards our family. With great skill, much love and kindness on your part it was a healing experience as well as encouragement to practice the skills you taught us. We can never thank you enough. So much of our progress is because of your wise counsel."

A son:
"Thank you for everything this weekend. I came to your place with very few expectations; I did it for my parents mostly. I came back home a changed man, I am a whole different person. I feel grateful that I did the work with my original family, my parents and siblings. I can now be a better husband to my wife and better father to my very young daughter. Thank you again."

A therapist:
"I found myself, through your discussion with the parents, coming to understand what unconditional love really means. It seems that you are teaching them 'how to parent' when parenting seems impossible. In addition, because dysfunction/addiction is the result of some other underlying issue/s ("its is a symptom"), I love how you constantly remind parents that it is the 'underlying issue' that needs to be addressed."