Family Coaches Now in High Demand

Mankind has accomplished unimaginable breakthroughs and life style changes in the last century, making life more comfortable, creative, and exciting. For instance, through everyday technology we can send messages and within seconds be connected to somebody on the other side of the world. But are people happier?

Status of family relationships today:

Today our family relationships are suffering as we navigate a host of challenges such as increased childhood bullying, lack of fulfillment in our careers, and rising divorce rates. 

The parent-child relationship in particular is stressed in the 21st century by a number of factors. Parents struggle to connect with their children as increased technology and social media bombard them with information that consumes their time. Parents are also working full-time to meet demanding financial obligations and have little time to invest in nurturing their family relationships. 

The US and countries around the world are seeing a high degree of addiction and substance abuse and decreased levels of happiness and fulfillment largely due to a lack of vibrant relationships.  

As a Family Relationship Coach you can make a difference and change this picture! Help heal your community, one family at a time.

Our Solution:

Generational Healing offers dynamic new methods in skills and communication training for therapists and life coaches who seek to help heal marriages and restore intimacy in families.

Through this Coach Training, therapists and coaches will learn the process of conducting Family Healing Sessions. This includes protocols used in preparing parents prior to the two-day intensive healing session, methods used during the session, and followup support. 

Our successful healing relationship model empowers people to change old hurtful patterns in their family, learn loving and authentic communication, and ultimately create happiness and love in their family and lives overall.

Family is the fabric of society; with healthy families, healthy societies can flourish. Be part of this exciting transformation! 

Enroll in our Family Coach training program and join this fascinating and rewarding journey to create healthy communities! 

Coach Training

Our Generational Healing coaching model focuses on restoring emotional connections in the family. Successfully proven methods are taught to heal relationships between individuals and their parents, children, siblings and grandparents, and reconcile feelings with lost loved ones. We want to pass on Generational Healing's effective methods to professionals who are working currently as coaches, therapists, or social workers, and seek to expand their practices to include building strong loving bonds within the family. Training to become a Family Coach at our educational institution will include a comprehensive curriculum taught through webinars and in-person seminars.

Presented via Webinars for Coach and Advanced Coach Training:

  •    The overall vision of the unique benefits of our intensive jump-start program, the two-day Family Healing Session
  •    The thorough protocol for client preparation and family aftercare, tailored to each family's needs
  •    The protocol for conducting a transformational two-day Family Healing Session after attending in-person seminars 

 Presented via Seminars for Master Coach Training:

  •    Full protocol for the Two-Day Family Healing Session (FHS)
  •    Practical application of skills needed during a FHS
  •    Demonstration of a FHS
  •    Facilitating or assisting a live FHS   

Coach Training:

Core Coach

Available in the near future for individuals who desire to start basic coach training. Contact us for information.

Advanced Coach          

This dynamic training is for coaches, therapists and other professionals in related industries that are seeking training as a Family Coach.

What can YOU expect to gain from this training?

  • Clear Protocol: You will learn a step-by-step interview process for parents, which will enable you to create an effective family healing plan together.
  • In-depth Family Coach Training: You will develop expertise as a Family Coach, capable of independently guiding a family through their entire healing process.
  • Team Support: You will receive the professional and emotional support from a team of colleague coaches, and/or the supervision of Master Coaches when requested.
  • Continued Education: At the conclusion of the Generational Healing coaching course, you will be offered opportunities for continued education. Training by certified guest speakers and enrichment seminars will allow you to keep pace with new developments in coaching and enable you to apply them in your practice.
  • Master Coach Training Opportunity: Upon completion of the Generational Healing family coach training program, you will have the opportunity to continue training as a Master Coach and facilitate Family Healing Sessions, which are one of the most advanced and effective tools for emotional recovery and family healing.
  • Expand Your Network: Using valuable marketing tools, you will learn how to establish partnerships with other organizations that support your goals and increase your effectiveness and reach as a coach.
  • Learn the Generational Healing Business Model: Learn to expand your income sources by teaching webinars and small groups.
  • Exposure on Generational Healing Website as a Family Coach. We hold trainings in different parts of the world, offering opportunities for travel and teaching.

I am already a professional Coach, what can I gain from this program?

Add our unique 2-Day Family Healing Sessions to your repertoire of coaching skills. This innovative method has proven effective by producing significant breakthroughs in families over a short period of time.

Those who already have a good foundation and experience working with people in the field of emotional health and well-being will increase effectiveness through our training.

How is this training program presented? 

The 90 minute webinars are offered twice a month with comprehensive homework, including: 

  •  Personal foundation work and group coaching among participants
  •  80% class participation and 100% homework expected 
  •  Opportunities to co-facilitate webinars and small groups
  •  Qualification to go on to the Master Coach Training


  1. Overview: Mission and Purpose
  2. Coach Self-care: Walk the Talk
  3. Legal Forms and Questionnaires
  4. The Initial Phone Call with a parent seeking help
  5. Parent Self-care
  6. Introducing Family Healing Session Concept
  7. Big Picture: Ideal, Dysfunction, Healing process
  8. Study of Ideal: Real Love; Love Languages, Personality Types; Balance of Time, Touch and Talk; Healthy Family Culture and more
  9. Study of Dysfunction: Masks, Causes of Wounding, Getting and Protecting Behavior, Damaging Parenting Styles, Addiction and Disorders and more
  10. Healing Process: Unresolved issues in each parent and as a couple; positive tools for daily routines; Inner Child work, raising ones self-esteem, overcoming depression, advanced communication skills, methods to address deeper issues: NLP, EMDR, EFT, bio-energetics and more
  11. Family Harmony and Community Building
  12. Small Group Facilitation

Apply to our Family Coaching Course today!

Master Coach Training

This training is for graduates of our Advanced Coach Training, and certified by the Generational Healing Educational Institute.  The training consists of in-person seminars, supplemented by follow-up webinars.

The seminars will introduce participants to:

  • The various tools needed for deeper emotional processing and communication skills during a two-day Family Healing Session
  • The protocol of a two-day Family Healing Session with the opportunity to observe and practice the process with classmates

Each individual in training is encouraged to assist in one Family Healing Session facilitated by Hilde Wiemann, or organize a Family Healing Session with one's own family. In both cases, the presence of a coach-in-training to assist Hilde is for learning purposes.

Participants from the east coast USA are required to attend three in-person experiential seminars onsite at the Hilltop Retreat in western Maryland. Participants from other areas of the United States, or outside the Country, have a choice of flying in for seminars held at Hilltop Retreat or participating in arranged events closer to their locale. International in-person training will be organized annually in Europe, Asia and Mexico. Countries with languages other than English or German must provide translation. 

The overall cost for this program is $799 for two in-person seminars. 

A three day seminar for learning the Family Healing Session protocol is offered for $499.  

Participants are responsible for lodging arrangements and transportation to and from seminar sites. Assistance is available to find affordable accommodations.