Family Coaches are now in demand!

The rapid changes in the last decade have brought many benefits but are leaving families more stressed than ever. 

Parents struggle to connect with their children as digital devices and social media compete for their time. And job demands leave little time to invest in nurturing their family relationships. 

Pornography, opiates and other addictions are out of control along with depression and anxiety, largely due to impoverished relationships.  

As a Family Relationship Coach you can make a difference! Help heal your community, one family at a time.

Become a Family Coach

Hilde Wiemann and the Generational Healing team offer dynamic new methods in skills and communication training for therapists and life coaches who seek to help heal and restore intimacy in marriage and family.

Through our unique Coach Training, you will learn the process of conducting Family Healing Sessions.

This includes protocols for preparing parents prior to the two-day intensive healing session, methods used during the session, and followup support. 

Our successful relationship healing model empowers people to change old hurtful patterns in their family, learn loving and authentic communication, and ultimately create happiness and love in their family and lives overall.

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Family Coach Training

Our Generational Healing coaching model focuses on restoring emotional connections in the family.

We'll teach proven methods to support healing of relationships between spouses, parents and children, and extended family to reconcile unresolved feelings. This course is for:

  • Coaches, therapists and social workers looking to expand their practices to build strong loving bonds within the family.

  • The comprehensive curriculum is taught through webinars and in-person seminars.

Video Containing In-Depth View Of GenHeal Programs

Three Levels of Training

Entry Level Family Coach Training

This is a beginner course where you will learn the fundamentals of coaching.

This 7-month course includes interactive webinars and material for personal study and development.

It is a prerequisite for the Advanced Coach training program for those who don't yet have a practice as a coach or therapist.  

(Right now we are only holding Advanced Coach Training for coaches and therapists. See the next level of training.)

Cost: $725


Advanced Family Coach Training

This in-depth Family Coach Training enables you to independently guide a family through their healing process.

I'm already a professional Coach. What can I gain from this program?  

  • Clear Protocol: A step-by-step interview process for parents, to enable you to create an effective family healing plan together.

  • Educational Material for your client: You will receive documents in PDF format as educational support for your clients.

  • Business Model: Find out how to expand your income sources by teaching webinars and small groups, writing blogs and using social media.

  • Exposure: Gain clients through our network and enjoy opportunities for travel by teaching our trainings offered worldwide.

  • Expand Your Network: Increase your effectiveness by networking with our existing coach team.

  • Continued Education and Support: After graduation, continuing education opportunities will allow you to keep pace with new developments in our coaching program as well as new tools, plus supervision by Master Coach Hilde.

  • Master Coach Training Opportunity: Graduates may continue training as a Master Coach and learn how to facilitate Family Healing Sessions.



How is this training program presented? 

At the time of registration you will be able to download the curriculum to study at your own pace. As part of our network of coaches alumni will receive chapter updates. 

Six bi-weekly live webinars will be help from January 31st - April 11th, 2018 with founder and Master Family Coach, Hilde Wiemann.

  • You will receive practical tips and deeper understanding to execute the protocol working with families.

  • There will be enough time for Q&A as well as role playing and practicing the concepts you are learning.

  • You will also be able to connect to and learn from each other while expanding your coaching network.


  1. Big Picture: The goal of True Love and Family Harmony; How we arrive at Dysfunction and Pain; Methods for Healing

  2. Coach Self-Care: Walk the Talk; how to live as a coach

  3. The Initial Phone Call: Orienting a parent seeking help; helping parents understand the need for healing as a family

  4. Insight into Love: Real Love; Love Languages, Personality Types

  5. Personal Work of Each Parent: Addressing unresolved issues from the past and enhancing the marital relationship

  6. Introduction to Family Healing Sessions: The concept and purpose, preparation and after-care

  7. Insight into Dysfunction: Masks, Causes of Wounding, Addiction and Disorders, Getting and Protecting Behavior, Influences of Parenting Styles, Importance of Family Culture and Birth order

    Coaching Tools: Inner Child and Self-esteem, Communication Skills, making adjustments through Time, Touch and Talk

  8. Methods for Clearing: Emotional Freedom Technique and others

  9. Forms: Legal documents and Questionnaires

  10. Small Group Facilitation: Leading a study or support group

Master Coach Training

                                                             Offered after each Advanced Coach Training, actual dates to be announced. 

For graduates of our Advanced Coach Training, this course qualifies you for certification as a Master Family Coach by the Generational Healing Educational Institute.  

This will add our unique 2-Day Family Healing Sessions to your repertoire of coaching skills. This innovative and proven method produces significant family breakthroughs in a short time. 

The training consists of two 3-day in-person seminars.



  • Practical application of skills needed during a FHS, such as addressing unwanted emotional patterns and enhancing communication skills

  • Full protocol for the Two-Day Family Healing Session (FHS) and Demonstration of a FHS

Experiential Seminars

Seminar One will introduce you to the various tools needed for deeper emotional processing and communication skills during a Family Healing Session.

Seminar Two will teach you the protocol for Family Healing Sessions and experience a demonstration through role playing. You will also have the opportunity to practice the process with classmates.

You will need to attend the two in-person experiential seminars onsite at the Hilltop Retreat in western Maryland.

There may be alternative opportunities to attend seminars for international students in the future.

Family Healing Session Internship

You may also attend and assist in an actual Family Healing Session, facilitated by Hilde Wiemann or other qualified Coaches.

This might may be with one of Hilde's clients, or one organized with your own family. In either case, you will be involved as an unpaid intern for learning purposes.

Cost for 2018

Seminar One: Family Healing Session Tools: $599 

Seminar Two: Family Healing Session Protocol: $799

Participants are responsible for lodging arrangements and transportation to and from seminar sites. Lunch is provided. Assistance is available to find affordable accommodations for as little as $40 per night, including breakfast. 

The Master Family Coach Training will be offered in the fall of 2019 for those who have completed the Advanced Family Coach Training program. 

SuperVision Circle


Become a member of our SuperVision Circle to connect with other coaches and professionals who share similar goals and objectives.

Review clients cases, ask questions, and learn from one another through regular webinars with Hilde and other qualified coaches.

Webinars will be recorded and available for reference at your convenience.

Web-calls will take place twice a month.

Cost: $25 a month or $200 for the year


SuperVision Circle beginning in 2019


Family is the fabric of society. Healthy families are the foundation for flourishing societies. Be part of this exciting transformation!