Quick Tips to Find Happiness Throughout Your Day

Having a case of the Mondays? Check out some of life coach expert Greg Baer’s suggested list of to-dos to find meaning and happiness throughout your day.

1. Go for a walk and listen to meaningful audio books.
2. Listen to your favorite uplifting music.
3. Watch an episode of your favorite comedy.
4. Lie down, do some deep breathing, put your hand on your chest, and vividly remember somebody loving you. This can be very real.
5. Send an email to someone who needs encouragement. Tell them you love them.
6. Sit still for 5 minutes in silence and gratitude.
7. Take a nap. Rejuvenate.
8. Compose a letter to someone who loves you, and as you write, FEEL the connection that comes just from the writing, whether you send the note or you don’t.
9. Call a friend to ask them how THEY are. Don't share anything distracting about yourself. Love and listen to THEM.
10. Go and be of random, anonymous service. Pick up litter or do something kind that helps the planet or others.
11. Complete one responsible task around your house. Clean. File some receipts. Fix something.
12. Remember what’s TRUE in your life—the love you have—instead of focusing on the fears, which are illusions.
13. Read the many blogs on the RealLove.com website.
14. Abandon all pain from the past and all fear of the future, and choose to live in the joy of right NOW.

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Have a great rest of the week!